Comments on the Cunningham Hospital

Selection from John Davy The West Indies Before and Since Slave Emancipation (London: W & F G Cash, 1854)
In another island, St. Kitts, the Civil hospital was as much open to censure for opposite qualities, which, even now, I fear, are only partially corrected.  When I visited it was in a very discreditable state; dirty and disorderly and ill provided, more likely to be productive of, that to promote the cure of disease, to increase that to alleviate suffering; and this owning not so much to want of funds, as to neglect and mad management.  Under any circumstances lamentable in this instance it was the more so, as the building new and neat and not ill fitted for the purpose for which it had been constructed, was a boon to the island from ta deceased  Lieutenant Governor, the late Mr. Cunningham, who provided the funds expended on its erection. (page 521)

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