The Berkeley Memorial
The Berkeley Memorial in the form of a clock and drinking fountain stands in what is known as the ‘Circus’. Tourists and locals gravitate towards it for different reasons.  Tourists like to take photographs of it; locals like to ‘lime’ on its base on Fridays. In particular young people can often be seen sitting and chatting there in the early evenings.  During the day many taxi drivers who wait for fares sit on its base to discuss political matters and solve international problems!
The memorial which was built in Glasgow has seen Basseterre change over the years and itself has undergone changes.  Once a rich forest green, it was recently painted an earthy brown!  It was surrounded by majestic royal palms which were planted around the circumference of the Circus around the time when it was first laid out.  Over time these palms were destroyed and are now in the process of being replanted.
The clock was erected in 1883 in honour of Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley a past legislator and estate owner of Fountain, Greenland, Greenhill, Ottley’s, Shadwell and Stone Fort. It was dedicated by Lord Combermere, Wellington Henry Stapleton-Cotton.
The memorial celebrated its 100th birthday the same year that St. Kitts gained its Independence!

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