University Centre and Technical College

THE UNIVERSITY CENTRE AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE occupy an area at the western end of the Bay Road, just east of the War Memorial.      Although the western boundary of Basseterre stretched to Fort Thomas in 1768, only dwellings in Irish Town extended beyond Olivees Ghaut, now called Westbourne.  Beyond those buildings was cane land belonging to Greenlands Estate which by the mid-19 th century was the property of the Berkeley family.  The part of the estate south of Cayon Street stretched right down to the Bay Road curving all the way round to Fort Thomas...

Open Campus entrance 2003

John Gardiner

Born in Boston in 1737, John Gardiner was the second son of Silvester Gardiner and his wife Anne.  He attended the Latin School from 1744 and was later sent to Britain to complete his education.  He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1752 and opted&nbs..
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