Warner Park

Warner Park is bordered by Losack Road on its south side, Victoria Road in the west, the Basseterre High School on the northern side and Park Range to the east.  Originally it was part of an estate owned by the Losack family, a French family that continued to live in St. Kitts after the British gained control of the whole island.  In 1817, the Original List of Slaves records a return of seventy-one slaves made by John Malzac on behalf of Admiral George Losack  then owner of the Lozack plantations on the island.   Eleven of them were born in Africa.  Thirteen were too y..

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Warner Park ready to welcome the region to CARIFESTA 2000

Basil Ebenezer Henderson

Born 24 April 1924 Died 7 March 2003     Basil E. Henderson was a man with varied interests and a man who was concerned with community and social development.   Much of what is occurring in the communities around St...
Cyril James Webster

Cyril Webster was born on the 4 th October 1902 at Kittstoddarts to Thomas Webster from Anguilla and his wife, Ellen originally from Nevis .   Soon after the young family moved to Westbourne Ghaut which became Cyril’s life long home.    ..
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