Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

CO-CATHEDRAL OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is an ornate church constructed out of grey stone and located on the eastern side of Independence Square. In the early years of the French occupation of St. Kitts, the Jesuits had build a Roman Catholic Church and dedicated it to Our Lady. Notre Dame was burned in 1706 during the Anglo-French war and rebuilt later as St. Georges Anglican Church.   The catholic congregation in St. Kitts diminished drastically in the years following the Treaty of Utrecht.  In 1713 the English forbade public worship of the Catholic religion i..

Facade of the Catholic Church

Basil Ebenezer Henderson

Born 24 April 1924 Died 7 March 2003     Basil E. Henderson was a man with varied interests and a man who was concerned with community and social development.   Much of what is occurring in the communities around St...
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