Buckley's Estate

BUCKLEY’S ESTATE is located on the western outskirts of Basseterre .   In 1753 the plantation was the property of William Buckley.   His only surviving daughter and heir Jeannette married Abednego Matthew (b. 1724).   He was the son of William Mathew who in 1715   had been appointed Lieutenant-General of the Leeward Islands and from 1735 was Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief.   His ancestors included other governors of St. Kitts and the Leeward Islands.   When Jeannette Mathew inherited the plantation from her father in 1754, her husband became one of t..

Sugar Works ruin at Buckley's Estate 2010

Victor Emanuel John

VICTOR EMANUEL JOHN was born in Sandy Point in 1878 to Ishmael and Catherine John.   His father was a Vincentian who had been appointed Headmaster at the Methodist School in Sandy Point , St. Kitts.   It was there that young Victor received his early education..
Joseph Nathan

JOSEPH ALEXANDER NATHAN was born on the 28 th February 1881 to Joseph Nathan a butcher in Irish Town and his wife Alice Brisco.   In October 1896 he applied to the government for a certificate of nationality, migrating to the US soon after...
Buckley's Strike Timeline
1934, December:    The Wade Estates paid their workers a Christmas bonus of 8d per ton of cane cut.  Other estates paid only 3d per ton cut.  Some estates refused to pay any..
Notes from an Interview
Eyewitness:     Cyril Halbert Date:               28 th January 2005 Place:    ..

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