College Street

  When the tiny settlement of Basseterre was founded in 1627 College Street was very likely its western boundary but with the growth of the population and the construction work undertaken by Governor De Poincy, the settlement gradually grew into a small town.   College Street got its name from the Jesuit College which was erected north of the town (now Douglas Estate).  The Jesuits had replaced the Capuchins in 1642 after De Poincy  expelled them for what he considered  to be interference in the very volatile  politics of the island. ..

College Street from the eastern wall in 1998

Joseph Nathan

JOSEPH ALEXANDER NATHAN was born on the 28 th February 1881 to Joseph Nathan a butcher in Irish Town and his wife Alice Brisco.   In October 1896 he applied to the government for a certificate of nationality, migrating to the US soon after...
Joardine Wells

Joardine Wells lived in College Street in the early years of the 19 th century.  She had been born a slave and worked all her life on the plantations belonging to William Wells.  On the 3 rd March 1783 Wells took three children, to be christened at St...
The St. Christopher Advertiser and Weekly Intelligencer
  Richard Cable was an Antiguan who had adopted the Methodist faith and later moved to St. Kitts with his family.  Cable was a prominent member of the board of Trustees of the Method..
Blanc on College Street 1884
G B  Blanc, civil engineer, reported to the  Executive Council as follows  I am also informed by old and intelligent men, who have lived all their lives in this locality that fo..

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