Wesley Chapel

The Wesley Chapel, also referred to as the Methodist church, is a solid square stone building located on Seaton Street just off of Victoria Road. It is slightly to the north of St. George‚Äôs Anglican Church.    Methodism arrived in St. Kitts late in the 18 th century. On the 18 th January 1787, Thomas Coke and three Methodist missionaries, Messrs Baxter, Hammet and Clarke arrived in St. Kitts from Dominica.   News of their intended visit had preceded them and they were provided with accommodation by Lydia Seaton and Richard Cable a printer and William Bertie,..

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Wesley Chapel on Seaton Street

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The St. Christopher Advertiser and Weekly Intelligencer
  Richard Cable was an Antiguan who had adopted the Methodist faith and later moved to St. Kitts with his family.  Cable was a prominent member of the board of Trustees of the Method..

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