Zion Moravian Church

The Zion Moravian Church is a solid structure at the point where College Street and Victoria Road meet. Perhaps its most impressive feature, is its very tall windows.  Its interior is modest and uncluttered. In 1774, while on a visit to England,  the American born lawyer, John Gardiner, met with Moravian representatives Benjamin La Trobe and John Wollin.  Having gone through a politically strenuous time in St. Kitts, Gardiner was growing disenchanted with both the secular and ecclesiastical authorities on the island. He had already heard of the results achieved by th..

Zion Moravian Church
Zion Moravian Church c.1890

John Gardiner

Born in Boston in 1737, John Gardiner was the second son of Silvester Gardiner and his wife Anne.  He attended the Latin School from 1744 and was later sent to Britain to complete his education.  He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1752 and opted&nbs..
Edward Margetson

Edward Margetson was born in Parsons on the 31 st December 1892.  Music was in his blood from the very beginning.  In fact it had brought his parents together.  His father Henry Francis Margetson was a choral director and his mother,..
The St. Christopher Advertiser and Weekly Intelligencer
  Richard Cable was an Antiguan who had adopted the Methodist faith and later moved to St. Kitts with his family.  Cable was a prominent member of the board of Trustees of the Method..

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