Court House

When the British took over Basseterre in 1713 they slowly moved their institutions of administrations and justice from Old Road to Basseterre and more specifically to Church Street .  It was not long before these early structures were outgrown by the need for space and new locations had to be found.    Plans to erect a court house in the Square were first formalised in an Act passed in 1750.  It was obvious even then that the building was to house a number of offices which included that of the Public Secretary, the Registrar,..

Court House 2003

Sir Maurice Davis

Maurice Herbert Davis was born on the 30th April 1911 to Louisa Richards of Old Road.  As a boy he attended the Basseterre Boys’ School and graduated with a Seventh Standard Certificate.  At the age of fifteen he started serving as a pupil teacher at Trinity Go..
Sir Lee L Moore

Sir Lee L. Moore was born on the 15 th February 1939.   He was the son of Daphne Moore of Half Way Tree and Theophilus Penny of Middle Island , St. Kitts.   Miss Moore was a maid and Lee was her only son.   His introduction to school life came through a..

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