Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

THE CUNNINGHAM HOSPITAL was  located on the Western side of Basseterre on land that was now occupied by the the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and the Public Library.  This was not the first hospital on the island.  De Poincy had built one soon after his arrival in 1639 but it was destroyed during the wars of the 17th century. Health on the Plantation At a time when the lives of the many were at the mercy of the few the responsibility of caring for the sick and the injured rested within the plantation.  The majority of the working population was by law the property of the..

Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in 1999

Charles Halbert

Charles Ashton Halbert was born in Bath Village , Nevis on the 25 th April 1880.   His mother worked as a nurse for the Parmenter family.   At the end of his schooling young Charles earned his Seven Standard Certificate and became a pupil teacher...
Dr. Edmund Branch

Edmund Ralph Branch was born in Basseterre in 1875,  the son of Dr. W. J. Branch.  He was educated at the Antigua Grammar School and at Watson College , Edinburgh .  In 1898 he returned to St. Kitts after having eared a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelo..
Medical Attention given to Enslaved Workers
Selection from   - Rev. James Ramsay,    Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African Slaves in the British Sugar Colonies (London: James Phillips, 1784)  ..
Comments on the Cunningham Hospital
Selection from John Davy The West Indies Before and Since Slave Emancipation (London: W & F G Cash, 1854)   In another island, St. Kitts, the Civil hospital was as much open..

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