Government Headquarters

GOVERNMENT HEADQUARTERS   is located on Church Street and occupies the land on which the Newstead and the Waterloo buildings as well as some smaller private residences once stood.  In the late 19th century the lower western corner of Church and Central Street was dominated by an impressive building known as the Newstead Hotel. It was a guest house owned by a Mrs. Millard and it catered to a small tourist trade mostly from North America.  During the Second World War it became the temporary headquarters of the B division of the Leeward Islands Battalion of the British West Indies..

GHQ 1998
Government Headquarters in 1998

Sir Lee L Moore

Sir Lee L. Moore was born on the 15 th February 1939.   He was the son of Daphne Moore of Half Way Tree and Theophilus Penny of Middle Island , St. Kitts.   Miss Moore was a maid and Lee was her only son.   His introduction to school life came through a..
Sir Kennedy Simmonds

Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds was born on 12th April, 1936 in Basseterre.  He was the son of Bronte Clarke and Arthur Simmonds. His early education took place at a private school and then he attended the Basseterre Boy's School.   In 1945, he was awarded a Scholarship..
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