Independence Square

  INDEPENDENCE SQUARE formerly Pall Mall Square, was renamed on the 19th September 1983 to commemorate the birth of the new nation of St. Christopher and Nevis.  It is located on the eastern side of Basseterre bordering on Newtown. Its layout was designed to look like a Union Jack and the streets and houses surrounding it once dated to the mid-eighteenth century. Unfortunately, time and environmental damage have destroyed many of them. Some like the Court House and Public Library have been destroyed by fire and have been rebuilt.     The Square started its life as..

Square (north)
North Independence Square Street in 1989

Sir Maurice Davis

Maurice Herbert Davis was born on the 30th April 1911 to Louisa Richards of Old Road.  As a boy he attended the Basseterre Boys’ School and graduated with a Seventh Standard Certificate.  At the age of fifteen he started serving as a pupil teacher at Trinity Go..
Stanley Sebastian

Stanley Theodor Sebastian was the son of Joseph Matthew Sebastian and Clarisse Richardson.   He grew up in Newtown in his mother’s household. At an early age he learnt how to move in various social circles.   From his mother he acquired a friendliness towa..
The Fountain
  On the 30 th March 1859 the House of Assembly addressed Governor Robinson who was temporarily relinquishing his post as Governor-in-Chief of the Leewards and showed its appreciation for..

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