The Court House

Find images of planters and merchants of the late eighteenth century or early 19th century. 
What would have brought planters and merchants to the court house?
What do you know about the trials of enslaved men and women?
Look at the two handwritten documents from the Court of Special Session   
a)            Name the accused
b)            What crimes were they accused of?
c)            Were they found guilty or innocent?
d)            What was the sentence in each case?
What would cause a 200 year old building to burn?

Read Wood's account about the Pirates who were executed in St. Kitts.  Imagine you are one of the cabin boys and explain how you felt after your crew mates had been executed.

Wood gives details of the time that the clergy open with the accused.  What did they try to do?  Would you have done anything differently?

Read the page on this website on the Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and dind out why no Cathlic clergy visited the Spanish prisoners.

Identify the two men in the cartoon.  What do you know about them?
Why was the Labour Party accused of having set the fire?  Were these accusations founded on facts?
The Democrat  points out that some renovations had been made to the Court House.  What were they?  Could any of them have inadvertently  contributed to the fire?
Imagine you are an independent  journalist, write an article covering the facts of this incident.  (200 words)

Other Teaching Points

Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

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The Circus and the Berkeley Memorial

Name the streets leading from the Berkeley Memorial. In what directions do they point?     Which Bank is located in the Circus?  Find out where the other banks in St. Kitts have their offices.. read more

College Street

What is a debenture?   There are warning signs in College Street.  Where are they posted and what do they say?   A bus from Monkey Hill just let you out in College Street . .. read more

Archibald Paull Burt

Why was Archibald Paull Burt not allowed to be Chief Justice in St. Kitts?   Think of the time period when he lived. (1810 -1879).   What is a cause célèbre?   After reading this biog.. read more

Sir Maurice Davis

What is a Seventh Standard Certificate?   Who was Joaquin Farara?   What is his claim to fame in St. Kitts?   In which constituency did Davis run as a candidate of the PPM... read more

Sir Clement Malone

One of the cases which Malone as a barrister tried and lost was that of James Drew who was accused of throwing Elizabeth “Queeny” Nolan into a well and leaving her for dead.   Drew was convicted and sentenced to.. read more

Government Headquarters

Government affects the lives of citizens in many ways. Think of ways in which government policy affects the following individuals: A home owner A senior citizen A teenager A small business owner A consumer A parent A tou.. read more

The Governor General

Imagine you were a youth in 1969 and you hear that for the first time a Kittitian was going to hold the post of Governor.  How do you think you and your friends would have felt about it?   The following is a br.. read more

Rev John Duport

Imagine you are John Duport faced with a group of boys carrying weapons, write a paragraph  (max. 200 words) explaining how you felt about the incident.   In class discuss Duport’s response to the chi.. read more

St. Barnabas Chapel

The image is from Andreas Vesalius De Corporis Humani Fabrica Libri Septem (Basel Johannes Oporinus, 1543) You can read more about Vesalius at read more

Bishop Daniel Davis

Find out  about the involvement of St. Christopher in the propaganda of the Abolitionists.   Two of the major abolitionists lived in St. Kitts.  What was their involvement in this struggle?.. read more

St. George's Anglican Church

Who is the current Archdeacon of St. George’s?    Who is the current Bishop of Antigua?   Read Strings and Pipe: the story of the building of the organ in the parish Church of St... read more

The War Memorial

Visit the museum at Brimstone Hill and learn more about the military contribution of Kittitians in the World Wars,   Visit and look for the posters  that were designed to recruit.. read more

Basil Henderson

Basil Henderson was a great organizer.  He tried to find ways of helping his country and the various communities around St. Kitts.  What would you like to do for your community and/or your country?.. read more

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